Ring Tones

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Buster Ringtone 1

Recycle recycle! Keep the earth green!

Buster Ringtone 2

Brush your teeth morning and night!
Keep them bright!

Buster Ringtone 3

Happy Birthday to You!

Buster Ringtone 4

Hey! Wash your hands before you eat!

Buster Ringtone 5


Buster Ringtone 6

Hi Buddy!

Buster Ringtone 7

Skiddley dee skiddley dum

Buster Ringtone 8

I like worms!

Buster Ringtone 9

Happy day!

Grannie Ringtone 1

Pick up the phone!

Grannie Ringtone 2

Pick up the phone, dear

Grannie Ringtone 3

Good morning, little sunshine

Grannie Ringtone 4

Good morning, little sunshine

Grannie Ringtone 5

Ha, you lost your first tooth

Grannie Ringtone 6

You made it in the party, yay!

Grannie Ringtone 7

Hello, Sunshine

Grannie Ringtone 8

Pick up the phone

Grannie Ringtone 9

Spill the beans

Grannie Ringtone 10

Let's .. Boogie!

Grannie Ringtone 11

Are you there?

Grannie Ringtone 12


Riley Ringtone 1

Take your dog for a walk, you'll both feel great!

Riley Ringtone 2

Be healthy! Eat fruits & vegetables every day!

Riley Ringtone 3


Riley Ringtone 4


Riley Ringtone 5

Hey, what's new?

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