Trolley in the Garbage


© 2010

Story by
Michelle Warkentin

Illustrations by
Richard Michelle-Pentelbury

page-01Get up Rupert,” Mommy said,
It's time to rise, get out of bed.
Tuesday is our garbage day,
You have to work before you play.

page-02 So Rupert did as he was told,
Put on his slippers went into the cold.
He bent to pick up the garbage bag,
When something moved from it inside.

page-03 Startled, Rupert dropped the bag!
A sudden jump, the bag went high.
It rolled and spun like a top on fire,
Then landed on an empty tire.

page-04 Rupert couldn't believe his eyes,
Something weird, a wild surprise.
It was not a mouse or a rabbit there,
But a Trolley man with lots of hair.

page-05 A face and nose like a jelly bean,
All wrapped up in plasticine.
Garbage stuck between his teeth,
And big red toes on big green feet.

page-06Hey you there,” Rupert yelled.
What are you doing? Ahh YOU smell!
But the Trolley man with lots of hair,
Clapped his hands and disappeared.

page-07 Sam Sam the Trolley man,
Lived his life in a garbage can.
Treasure treasure jelly and jam,
All wrapped up in a tin of spam.

page-08Look at me and you will see,
I like to eat just stinky cheese.
Glass and paper, bottles and cans,
Are not the meal of a Trolley man.

page-09Look at this potato skin,
Warms me up and makes me grin.
And even this old shoelace here,
Tastes like pumpkin and soapy cheer.

page-10Trash and garbage are my fuel,
Gooey carrots are very cool.
Keep your garbage wrapped up tight,
Or you may have a Trolley sight!

page-11If you don't do what I say,
I may visit you one day!
Compost all the foody grime,
I'm gone for good, you've cleaned up fine!

page-12 Wanting to see the troll again,
Rupert recycled the garbage can.
He put together tins and glass,
Cardboard crushed, milk cartons smashed.

page-13 He put them all in a separate box,
Then sent them off in a big green truck.
His garbage bag was now so small,
Trolley man would have to crawl.

page-14 Now Rupert waited patiently,
For Trolley man to come and see.
To tease him Rupert wrapped up peas,
Honey toast with mustard seeds.

page-15 He smeared them on a dried up pear,
And then he waited, waited there.
The Trolley man he smelled a treat,
It smelled so squishy, smelled so sweet.

page-16OOOOOOh I smell something very yummy,
Something chewy something crummy.
I will have a meal they say,
Like a king on Christmas day.

page-17 So with very careful ease,
Trolley man got on his knees.
He waited till Rupert closed his eyes,
Then climbed in quick and hid inside.

page-18 The garbage now it seemed so lean,
Where's the treat, the treat he gleaned.
He couldn't smell a can or box,
Newspaper, glass or a dirty sock.

page-19Why look at this banana peel,
It makes me happy, makes me squeal.
I am so lucky you can see,
Why there is even pickle cream.

page-20 And to Rupert's sudden surprise,
He saw movement from inside.
The garbage bag did gently sway,
As Trolley man again made his way.

page-21Got-cha”, said Rupert as he grabbed the bag,
I've got the Trolley man”, he bragged.
But Trolley man ate the nasty treat,
Swallowed whole down to his feet.

page-22 And he let out a great big BURP.
Rupert dropped the bag with a sudden jerk.
Trolley man began to pop,
His eyes, his nose, just wouldn't stop.

page-23 He cackled like a herd of geese,
He clapped his hands and showed his teeth.
Then Trolley man he laughed and said,
Oh my it's lovely to be fed!

page-24 Then Trolley man with a great big grin,
Stood on his head and began to spin.
He spun and spun like a whirling top,
Then disappeared ... he wasn't caught.

page-25 Rupert decided then and now,
He would compost the garbage pile.
So Trolley man would not come back,
He packed old food in a compost sack.

page-26 He recycles now and keeps things clean,
Why he's become a clean machine.
He composts food in his back yard,
His mom is happy and he works hard.

page-27 He tells his friends to be aware,
Recycle, protect and take care.
Check your garbage everyday,
So Trolley man will stay away!!

page-28Catch me catch me if you can,
I am the king of garbage land.
I don't like bottles, paper and glass,
Peanut butter eggshells are a healthy snack.

page-29Put your bottles in a box,
Take out the paper, don't leave socks.
Milk cartons they are way too large,
Don't need tins and I don't need jars.

page-30Compost all the foody grime,
I'm gone for good, you cleaned up fine.
Keep things clean,
I'll stay away,
Forget and I'll be back one day!!

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