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Michelle and Puppets

PuppetGreetingsForKids.com comes from my passion for puppets and their amazing ability to educate, inform and entertain children of all ages.

I have had my own company for several years writing and performing puppet musicals for schools, festivals and corporate events. I am always amazed at the power a puppet can have in teaching a message or just creating laughter.

Puppets are non threatening and so break down barriers and open doors. Children with and without developmental challenges become engaged and focused when a puppet comes to life.

But it is not only the child that loves puppets for I have brought my puppets into shelters, orphanages, leadership meeting and conflict resolution workshops, only to see adults have just as much fun as the children. We all have a child inside us!

Currently I am the Calgary Block Parent Spokesperson and Educational Manager. I write and present puppet safety programs for elementary children. Through song, rhyme, puppets and public speaking I teach personal safety tools to the children. Interactive presentations help the children to really get the message (see testimonials at www.michellewarkentin.ca)

My education as a puppeteer, master coach practitioner, coach, public speaker, residential childcare specialist, conflict resolution mediator, writer, theatre performer for young audiences and years of stage performances give me the depth and ability to understand the value of simplicity and humour.

Puppetgreetingsforkids.com has rhyming poems and greetings for kids to share with one another, educators to teach, parents and grandparents to give and receive. What better gift then a greeting which puts a smile on one's face and makes one's day a little brighter.

I hope you enjoy the videos and I look forward to being part of your lives.


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